Employing one 10” long-throw woofer, the Impact 1 Subwoofer is capable of reproducing low frequency signals accurately and effortlessly, with high power handling and extremely low distortion, right down to 25Hz. The Impact 1 Subwoofer can be positioned on the floor or on the wall.

Nearly 20 years of technical acoustic evolution has resulted in the most advanced and powerful subwoofer series ever produced by Artcoustic. 

By mixing our early Q and Pressure Control technology with the later x 2 bass system, we have ended up with something truly unique: the CPO (Controlled Phase Overlap) design technology.

Artcoustic SL Impact 1, Passive


    Operating Range: 25 Hz (-6 dB) to 250 Hz
    Sensitivity:  95 dB
    Max SPL:  114 dB
    Weight: 13 kg
    Dimensions: H: 450 W: 450 D: 186 mm

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