Stream X Signature is our highest performance streamer source component; it uses Cyrus’ state-of-the-art streaming engine and has been developed to provide the best sound resolution possible from a network audio library. It will fully exploit the highest quality 24-bit/192 kHz files.


Make the most of the latest high resolution music files, or upgrade the quality of your CD resolution music1. Our flagship music streamer allows you to browse and select from your entire music collection using our Cadence app for iOS and Android.


Stream from any UPnP or DLNA device, or use one of the streamer’s host of additional inputs to play music from your PC or mp3 player. With simple set up, seamless navigation and sensational sound quality, listening to music just got a whole lot more enjoyable!

For the ultimate hi-fi system, use the Stream X Signature with a DAC XP Signature and a pair of Mono X 300 Signature’s . Include a CD Xt Signature to add CD compatibility to your system.


Advanced Engine

Supporting all popular formats, Stream X Signature is able to stream audio from USB, NAS drives or even iPod devices in high resolution up to 24/192kHz


Signature Digital Output

By removing all analogue audio components the Stream X Signature is a pure digital transport. This gives the best performance when using a digital output into Cyrus’ high performance DAC’s.


Essential Connectivity

Wi-Fi or Ethernet, integration into your home network is effortless and reliable. Additional sources? No problem, there are 5 digital pass-through inputs, and high performance digital output.

Internet Radio

If you love radio you will love Cyrus internet radio. With thousands of channels available, both local and national, the choice for music is endless.


Effortless Control

Once connected, download our free Cadence app from iOS App Store or Google Play Store for a complete and intuitive control system. All key system functions, along with playlist creation and storing favourite internet radio stations, are available when using Cadence.

Cyrus Stream X Signature

  • Outputs

    SPDIF coaxial – 1
    MC-BUS – Yes


    Optical SPDIF – 2
    Coaxial SPDIF – 3
    USB A – 1
    Ethernet – 1

    File/Signal Compatibility

    WAV – Yes
    FLAC – Yes
    ALAC – Yes
    AAC – Yes
    MP3 – Yes
    WMA – Yes
    AIFF – Yes
    Maximum signal resolution 24-bit/192kHz

    Dimensions (mm)

    Height 73
    Width 215
    Depth 360
    Weight (kg) 4.7