Audiovector Ole Klifoth
Audiovector NZ Mads Kifoth
Audiovector NZ Award The Absolute Sound. Distinction Audio
Audiovector R3 NZ Award What Hi-Fi. Distinction Audio
Audiovector R1 NZ Award What Hi-Fi. Distinction Audio
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Audiovector Distinction Audio
Audiovector Distinction Audio

Audio Systems

Here at T+A we develop and manufacture everything which delights the audiophile music lover. Our range is very comprehensive, and consists of several series of machines catering for a vast spectrum of personal requirements and preferences. The range embraces superb amplifiers and music players, absolutely top-notch separates for the high-end customer; compact Hi-Fi systems with outstanding acoustic qualities for the audiophile music lover, and great-sounding all-in-one solutions for the demanding style enthusiast.

Loudspeaker Systems

As with our audio systems, the design philosophy behind our loudspeakers was developed to cater for a vast range of requirements: large floor-standing monitors of absolute High-End standard, incorporating unique technologies; exceptional mid-sized floor-standing speakers and shelf speakers; and elegant compact solutions capable of supplying superb sound. The many finishes and variants available cater for every desire, and the technologies and design concepts employed are unique.


The Solitaire P headphones and the headphone amplifier HA 200 represent the first step in an all-embracing headphone series on the part of T+A. The minimalist design of the Solitaire P headphones and the HA 200 reference the iconic T+A High-End series, and – like all T+A devices – address aesthetes just as much as those who appreciate music, innovation and craftsmanship.

Actually we’re Scientists …

… because T+A stands for Theory and Application in the field of audio technology. That means that we conceive, refine and manufacture Hi-Fi com-ponents of the very highest quality, with the aim  of developing consummate High-End products  for our customers all over the world.

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